Psa: you don’t owe anyone your friendship. Especially not emotionally manipulative and abusive people. Cleanse them from your life. That is all


john greens whole “date nerd boys” thing isnt just annoying its incredibly fucked up and unsafe the presentation of “nerd boys” as kind, intelligent boys who would never hurt you is something that abusers have latched onto and presented themselves as and i really fucking wish that someone had told me that before i had to figure it out for myself.

Wait I’m confused. Are you blaming John Green for some abusive assholes pretending to be nice geeks? That doesn’t make any sense. That’s like saying every southern man that pretends to be a gentleman but is abusive is Nicholas Sparks fault. Generally, John Green Does a good job of showing healthy relationships in his books which all you can ask of a writer. Like he doesn’t romanticize abuse or stalking like Stephanie Meyer so I really don’t know what you expect from him.

Fuck anyone who talks bad about teachers as a whole. Being a teacher is hard and we don’t get paid shit so fuck you.

Sexism in reviews of the maze runner

It’s really frustrating reading so many positive reviews for “the maze runner”, not because it’s bad, but because it’s getting a different treatment by critics than divergent did. A quote from Rafer Guzman in am New York said “the maze runner is the first dystopia book in awhile to offer boys a room of their own”. What the hell does that even mean? And that’s not the only review like that. Almost every positive review of this movie has something like this in their review. It’s disgusting. Apparently the moment something is perceived to be for girls we have to shit on it and whine about all these terrible dystopian movies.

On top of that I have met way more young women who have read the book than boys. And trust me I’ve seen a lot because I teach middle school. It was a young woman who convinced me to read it in the first place.

The maze runner doesn’t add anything super unique to the genre and so if divergent gets ripped apart for conforming to conventions then so should the maze runner. So fuck critics and fuck our culture that shits on anything that young girls enjoy.



there’s soo much evidence

It is just pouring in now.



there’s soo much evidence

It is just pouring in now.

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Tonight in Ferguson, Mo. Even CNN is calling out police brutality.

We are watching history unfold. Do not stand down. Spread the word.

No justice, no peace.

#ferguson #police brutality

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Excellence is high scores on standardized tests of reading and math.

That’s it. That is how the current corporation-serving high-stakes test-driven reformster status quo defines excellence for every single child in America (well, almost every child— as always, children of the rich are exempt). Think about that. Think. About. That. If you are a teacher, think about every student you’ve ever taught that you would have called excellent. The outstanding musician who went on to a creative career entertaining and uplifting thousands. The gifted welder who was in such demand that he had his pick of cities to travel to. The student with such exceptional people skills you knew she would be an awesome doctor. The student who could jump higher and run faster than anybody, or the student who competed athletically on the state level. The student who was a genius at coding. None of them can be called excellent— unless they also score well on a standardized math and reading test. If you are a person living in this world on this planet, think of everybody you know who you would call excellent. The single parent who manages to raise several healthy, happy, capable children while working hard to provide them with a stable life. The married parents who make an awesome team while creating a home for their children. The community volunteer whose donation of hours and time and sweat makes your corner of the world a better place. The local politicians or business leaders who set aside their own lives to work at making everybody’s lives better. The doctor. The lawyer. The garage mechanic. The chef. The artist. The ambulance driver. The plumber. Hell, even the teacher. A vast tapestry of people bringing varied, rich, awesome talents and accomplishments to make the world a better place to be. A great gallumphing mass of individuals who let us understand what it means to be fully human, to fully realize what we can best do with the precious moments given to us. to show the myriad ways in which we grasp our lives and create bright beautiful displays of who we are, what we are, what we can be, what we can settle on for our own purpose, even as we help other people realize their own unique vision for their own unique future. And the best we can come up with for measuring everything great and excellent in human beings is some scores on a standardized reading and math test (and not even good tests, at that).

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